Guggul Commiphora Mukul

Botanical Name: Commiphora Mukul

Alfarid Corporation is considered the largest supplier of all grades of Commiphora Mukul Gum Guggal from the interior regions in Pakistan, primarily Nagarparkar and Tharparkar regions in Sindh province of Pakistan. Other types and blends are termed as Diplu, Sheera and blended guggul. Common names used for Guggul are guggal gum, gum guggulu, gugal, guggulipid, guggal, Гуггул, גוגגול and gugul. Guggulu is termed as ayurvedic herbs and popularly used in ayurvedic herbal supplements to treat weight control and obesity, stabilize blood pressure & lower cholesterol levels, lessen the risk of heart diseases and also treat arthritis. Guggul comiphora mukul or also commiphora wightii is a miraculous herb and used as natural ingredient and guggul extract in medicinal preparations and compound supplements. This resin guggul is used as an ingredient in the patent gugulipid or guggulipid